The PlayGround Experiment

A safe place for Playwrights, Actors and Others Creatives to Meet And Play!

The PG Evolution
a development process

Our development process provides a safe, inclusive, and fun place that will guides a playwright from building the first draft to ultimately a full production.  Along the way, we involve a ton of actors, directors, and theatre artists and we have a lot of fun and build community.


Twice a month 6 Playwrights will have short work sessions with Actors and a public reading of 15 minutes of material. 

Volume Timeline

Playwright/Actor Work Session 6:00pm-6:30pm (earlier arrival if you like)
This is a time for playwrights to inform the actors what they are looking to get out of the reading. The length of time for work sessions is at the discretion of the playwright/actors. 

Public Gathering and Meeting 6:30pm -7:00pm  
Please arrive prior to our 7pm start. Have a coffee, truffle, sandwich, beer, wine etc. Get to know each other and meet new people. 

Reading 7:00pm-9:00pm

How do playwrights get read?

Playwrights will be in rotating order due to schedules and to keep things fresh and exciting. The playwright pool will grow from recommendations. 

How do Actors get roles? 

One Week Prior Playwrights will send a cast breakdown and scene to us with recommendations of actors they know that they would like to have in those roles.  We will then reach out to Playwright’s Preferred readers.  If they are unavailable we will use our Casting Pool.  

How is the Casting Pool Created? 

The casting pool will grow from recommendations, as well as those who attend the readings. We will use this site as the collector of information, so please  fill out the How to Play Survey.  We also use our FaceBook Group , so invite your actors, playwrights, directors, and producers to The PlayGround Experiment Group.

When and How will the Actors get the Scenes?

Actors will then have access once they are cast. Actors will be responsible for printing of their own pages or using an iPad.

Where does the fun and festivites happen?

Special Thanks to  THINK COFFEE  who have given us a home. Check out one of their locations 

THINK COFFEE 248 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012. 


Required Readings

5 full plays are read by 20 actors over the course of 2 weeks, culminating in a gathering at a festive environment.  Groups of 4 actors will round robin with each of the playwrights to discuss the plays.  Then we party.

First Reads

An all day read-a-thon of 5 full plays selected from plays presented at the volumes.  Each play will be read around a table with playwright in the presence of an audience.  The audience and actors will fill out a questionnaire to provide feedback to the playwright. 

Stage Experiments

Plays continue the development process by adding directors, rehearsal and a little time.   Guests are requested to partake in  a short moderated talk back based on questions provided prior to reading.