The PlayGround Experiment

A safe place for Playwrights, Actors and Others Creatives to Meet And Play!

The PG Experience

In addition to our development process, we also hold various events throughout the year to build our community and help them to continue with their artistic journeys together.  

Conversations Between Artists

This is our chance to talk with each other about topics that we as artists, creatives and humans need to have. The key is we talk to and with each other. There is no panel or special guest that is smarter on a topic. We are the collective smarter panel.

Drop and Give Me 10

Time to exercise your creative muscles. 

1. Playwrights will be assigned PlayGround Experiment Actors and writing prompts.

2.   Playwrights have one week to  write the first 10 minutes of their newest play with those actors in mind. 

3. Actors read this new work created for them as we celebrate the birth of this new work over food and wine. 

The PGE Happy Hour

A chance to hang out with  your favorite PGE Folk. 

Annual Holiday Pot Luck and Monologue Grab Bag

We close out the year with a big party.  Included is our Monologue Grab Bag:  our playwrights and actors contribute a 1 minute monologue.  Every party member will pick a monologue randomly and performs it at the party.