Volume 13

What a great night. Tons of new folk came out and the NYU students didn't know what hit them with all the talent that was in that room. Special thanks to Denise Cormie being a welcoming face and smile as we arrived. This volume had a few firsts that are very exciting. We had our largest cast yet with 10 actors for one play. We had an all playwright/actor scene where each person has had work read and performed as well at the PGE. We had a Christmas themed play. We had a play involving farm animals and one with possible live sex acts. (Thankfully the live sex acts were not with the goat.) We are amazed at the brilliant minds that play at the PGE and look forward to hearing more from all of you. Stage Directions read by Luz Stella Rico.

Scrooged-Karina Richardson
Read by Betty Hudson, C.j. Gelfand, Jayson Kerr, Wendy Herlich 

Untitled-David Meyers
Read by Brad Makarowski, Nneoma Omimi Nkuku

Charlie’s Waiting- Melisa Annis
Read by Anastasia Olowin, Brooke Reynolds, Nina Covalesky

Animal Husbandry- David Davila
Read by Brendan Daugherty, Daniel Anthony Hidalgo

Bobby’s Home-David Brian Colbert
Read by Akyiaa Wilson, Anthony Aloise, Jeffrey Vause, Jonathan Harris, Katherine Puma, Paul Pakler, Rhonda Dodd, Sheila Joon, Wes Hager

Mike Lesser