Volume 15

What a great Volume! As we celebrated with 5 awesome playwrights and over 30 actors! How cool is that?! We had returning playwrights from as far back as Volume 1 and brand new ones. Returning actors and talent that are new to us. Kudos to everyone involved. We are so Thankful that you all choose to spend your time with is creating, collaborating and connecting! Thanks to our voice of Stage Directions Ryan Ramirez! And to Emily Comisar for being a super helpful greeter! 

Eggs on Ice
by Kristine Reyes
Read by Alyssa Kim, Melissa Singson, Sara Thigpen, Sarah Matteucci, and Scott Casper

The Days We Have Seen
by John Robert Tillotson
Read by Anne Newhall and Dave Droxler

by Matthew Hardy
Read by Andrew Schoomaker, Brittany McDonald, Brooke Reynolds, John Paul Harkins, Paul Pakler, Sarah Matusek

Plus One
by Leif Olsen-Cormack
Read by Drita Kabashi, Jim Cairl, Kate King, Mark Sanders, Nicky Romaneillo

McGurk’s Suicide Hall
by Evan Edwards
Read by Albert Guerzon, Beth Devlin, David Errigo Jr., Erik Aleksander Schjerven, Everett O'Neil, Jerry Gallagher, Kyle Minshew, Ryan Ramirez

Mike Lesser