Volume 4

Great way to celebrate Memorial Day at our new second location, Fika on 41st Street next to the Yotel Hotel. Our voice for stage directions was the amazing Betty Hudson. 

Switzerland- Emily Comisar  
Read by Lola Maltz & Bob Jaffe

Home To Sea-Jonathan Calindas
Read by Brooke Davis, Dave Droxler,  Hunter Rodgers, Kaitlyn Schirard, Nick Cochetto

Janis and the Big BAD World- Catherine Weingarten
Read by David Meyers, Dominik Eischenschmidt, Sarah Matusek

Dark Room-Jona Tarlin
Read by Caitlin Johnston & Marlow Holden

What We May Be- John Robert Tillotson
Read by Anne Newhall & Tim Rush

Mike Lesser