Volume 6

The energy and excitement for Volume 6 was amazing with more than fifty people who came out to commune and play. We had our two returning librettists along with two new playwrights, and a return engagement from a Volume 1 alum.  Stage Directions and a saucy British housekeeper were read by Rhonda Dodd.

Heidi Armbruster-Untitled
Read by Karina Richardson, Kathy Searle, Sheliah Smiley

Matthew Hardy- Bonnets
Read by Anthony Castellano, Cailtlin Johnston, Dave Droxler, Jessica Luck, Kristen French, Matthew Jenkins

Leif Olsen-Cormack- Arm and Leg
Read by Brooke Reynalds, Katherine Puma, Philip Guerette, Ross DeGraw

Short Domestic Comedy-Hunter Rodgers-
Read by Michael Markham, Nina Covelesky

Kit Goldstein-Grant- The Wrong Box
Read by Anthony Castellano, Brad Makarowski, Bob Jaffe, Fernando Gonzalez, Jasmin Bristow, John Robert Tillotson, Priyank Rastog

Mike Lesser