Volume 11

What a great night. Thanks again to all Playwrights and Actors and all who came to share their energy. Special thanks to Sharlene Hartman our greeter extraordinaire and Rhonda Dodd and Wendy Herlich for tag teaming our fundraising. Looking forward to many more.  Stage Directions: Hilary Walker

The Nose - Kit Goldstein-Grant
Read by Betty Hudson, Brad Makarowski, Brian Long, Emma Barishman, and Thom Pinto

Up the Rabbit Hole - Andy Halliday
Read by Anthony Castellano, David Errigo Jr. , and Ian Antal 

Home to the Sea - Jonathan Calindas
Read by Brooke Reynolds, Jonathan Harris, Paul Pakler, and Rhonda Dodd

Small Holdings -  Glenn Kubota
Read by Anne Newhall, Jayson Kerr, John Roque, Ross Degraw, and Susan Barrett

Bonnetts - Matthew Hardy
Read by Andrew Schoomaker, James Bullard, Karina Richardson, Kristen French, Maria Peyramaure, and Nick Cocchetto

Mike Lesser