Volume 17

Great things are in store for The PGE for 2016. What a great way to start. Kudos to all playwrights and actors and those that came our to share and bask in their talents. Stage Directions read by Kathering Puma and Sue Berch.

Untitled Superhero Play
By Jack Karp
Read by Bryn W Packard and Wendy Herlich

By Karina Richardson
Read by Marie Elena O'Brian, Paul Pakler, Risa Benson, and Thea Brooks 

One False Cut
By Daniel Ho
Read by Katherine Puma, Bobby Foley, and Jessica Carollo


By Jona Tarlin
Read by Caitlin Johnston and Marlowe Holden

Mauel vs. Statue of Liberty
By David Davila and Noemi de la Puente 
Read by Daniel Anthony Hidalgo, David Meyers, Jessica Luck, John Robert Tillotson, and Nicole Orabona

Mike Lesser