Volume 34

We Debated and were all winners. Kudos to all who attended, read and brought in their work. Special Thanks to Welcoming Committee David Michael Kirby and Marie Eléna O'Brien. Stage Directions read by Anthony Aloise and Nancy Nagrant.


Consent 1988
By Frank J. Avella
Read by Brendan Daugherty and Ian Whitt
SD: Nancy

Boxing Therapy
By Denis Woychuk
Read by David Meyers, Rich Gomez, and Sarah Young
SD: Anthony

The Wrong Box
By Kit Goldstein-Grant
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Brad Makarowski, Christopher Michaels, Joe Harkins, Anthony Aloise, Katherine Puma, and Paul Pakler
SD: Nancy

The Gatekeeper
By Blair Ingethorn
Read by Bryn Packard and Ysabel Jasa
SD: Anthony

The Rule Book Can’t Apply
By Christopher Buchanan
Read by Courtney Williams, Dana Kaufman, Diana Sara Cherkas, Jeanine Green, Marilyn Tagert, and Ninoshka De Leon Gill
SD: Nancy

Abuelas, or the Poverty Cycle
By David Davila
Read by Alex Castro, Julia Botero, Lizette Cruz, Nancy Nagrant, and Selina Fonseca
SD: Anthony

Mike Lesser