Volume 35

What a night. Kudos to all playwrights and actors as always bringing an excitment and joy to each and every scene. Special thanks to Ollie Fielding and Kimberly Kalaja for Welcoming committee alaganza and for Ollie and Marie Eléna O'Brien for jumping into Stage Directions. Thanks to Rich Gomez for and Barbara Schoichet for donating a signed copy of her book for our raffle. Check out the link: http//:www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/529767/dont-think-twice-by-barbara-schoichet/9781101981801/

Active Shooter
By Jacob Rice
Read by Ian Whitt and Priyanka Krishnan

The Girl Who Lived
By David Meyers
Read by Cait Johnston and Katherine Puma

The Olde Curiosity Shoppe
By Brad Makarowski
Read by Courtney Williams, David Adam Gill, Diane Quinn, Kyle Minshew, Nancy Nagrant, and Taylor Rosen

Say It Out Loud
By Rachel Mann
Read by Ann Newhall, Ollie Feilding, John Robert Tillotson, Natalie Neckyfarow, Nick Adamson, and Ysabel Jasa

Tomorrow We Love
By Jeffrey Vause
Read by Alexandra Castro, Jeffrey Vause, Jimmy Moon, Steve Hauck, and Tim Torre


Mike Lesser