Volume 21

What a great night to turn 21. Record breaking crowds came out to support, play and enjoy each others talents and energy. Special Thanks to our Welcoming Committee Coco Conroy and Graceann Dorse! Kudos to all playwrights and Actors. We were lucky to have photographer extraordianires in the house Tim Lorge and Tania Jeudy! Voice of Stage Directions was the exciting Jasmine Spiess. Also congrats to Rhonda Dodd for winning our 1st 50/50 fundraising raffle. We raised $165.



Miriam in Honey by Nicholas Cocchetto
Read by Brittany McDonald and Stephen Dexter

Home to the Sea by Jonathan Calindas
Read by Rhonda Dodd and Ricky Faust

Members of the Choir by Evan Edwards
Read by Anthony Aloise, David Adam Gill, Hakim Rashad Canter-McMillan, Jayson Kerr, Matt W Cody, Matthew Hardy, and Nicky Romaniello

Pittsburghese by Paul Pakler
Read by Dave Droxler and Marie Elena O'Brien

Untitled Gold Farming Play by Wendy Herlich
Read by Bryn W Packard, Katherine Puma, Leanne Cabrera, Nina Covalesky, and Shannon Tyo

Mike Lesser