Volume 22

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 22 We celebrated our 1 year anniversary with love, excitement and energy. Thanks to all who came out to hear the work of these talented playwrights and actors. Special thanks to welcoming comittee Connie Tucker, Jeffrey Vause and Marie Eléna O'Brien. Photographer Tim Lorge. Voice of Stage Directions by Jimmy Moon

Lia Marfa By Ryan Ramirez
Read by Alyssa Kim, Lea Rios, Nilsa Reyna, and Sara Thigpen

Egg & Dart By Sarah Matusek
Read by Don Castro, Rhonda Dodd, and Sarah Matusek

The Almost, But Not Completely Fictional Account Of The Greatest Piss Up In History By Siho Elsmore
Read by Bryn W Packard, Caitlin Minion, Coco Conroy, Hakim Rashad Canter-McMillan, and Kyle Minshew

Ma Knows Best and Big River By Nneoma Nkuku
Read by Jonathan Harris, Laurel Lockhart, Joy Lynn Matthews, Nina Covalesky, and Spencer Aste

A Zoo Story By John Tillotson
Read by Dave Droxler and Jodie Lynne McClintock

Mike Lesser