Volume 23

What a great night, We had Irish accents, Burning men, Men playing women playing women?, Super heros and villians, and a wartime musiKal! kudos to all of our actors and playwrights for bringing it and for all the folk who came out to bring their excitement and energy. Special thanks to our Welcoming committee John Robert TillotsonNilsa ReynaRhonda Dodd AND Sharlene Hartman who set a wonderful tone for volume 23. Thanks to photographers extraordinare Tania Jeudy and Tim Lorge! And to our Voice of stage Directions Pamela Jean Agaloos!

Ballad of Ian & Maggie By Tim Lorge
Read by Graceann Dorse, Kristen French, Matt Cody, and Michael Markham

Burnier Than Thou By Matthew Hardy
Read by Leif Olsen-Cormack and Paul Pakler

Tomorrow We Love By Jeffrey Vause
Read by Andy Halliday, Ashley Scott, Jimmy Moon, Joseph Ford, Kevin Jones, and William Serri

The Plot By Jack Karp
Bryn Packard and Mike Lesser

Elsie Janis & The Boys By CJ Critt/John Prestianni
Read by Brooke Reynolds, David Adam Gill, Jim Cairl, Kate King, Laurel Lockhart, and Marie Elena O’Brien

Mike Lesser