Volume 26

What a blast we had at Think Coffee for Volume 26. Super Congrats to all Playwrights and Actors for hitting some big topics, eating disorders, relationships, ISIS, love and the lack of it and of course Sex. Special thanks to our welcoming comittee of Dave Droxler, Frank J Avella, Jimmy Moon and Nina Covelesky. Congrats to all winners of our Fundraising Raffle. Thanks as always to our resident photo genius Tim Lorge. The Voice of Stage Directions read by Sara Benjamin.



By David Davila
Read by Brendan Daugherty and Daniel Anthony Hidalgo

By Heidi Armbruster
Read by Heidi Armbruster and Margot White

Shut up, Iā€™m on a Diet By Catherine Weingarten
Read by Jim Cairl and Hannah Karpenko

ISIS in Hollywood By David Meyers
Read by David Meyers, Jonathan West, and Paul Pakler

Member of the Choir By Evan Edwards
Read by Anthony Aloise, Ari Rossen, Ariel Estrada, Hakim McMillian, Jason Eno Samuel, Matt Cody, Nicky Rominello, Paul Pakler, and Vandit Bhatt

Mike Lesser