Volume 27

Volume 27 was filled with love! After a tough weekend in Orlando toasted and cheered everyone effected by the tragic event. The playwrights and Actors turned it out and brought their A game in celebration.  Extra thanks to our welcoming committee. Blair Ingenthron, David Gill, Evan Edwards, Jeffrey Vause, Sharlene Hartman. Special thanks to Katherine Puma who offered a Headshot session as part of our 50/50 raffle.  Stage Directions: Priyanka Krisnan
Photos: Tim Lorge



Absurd Person Nicola
By Frank J. Avella
Read by Cali Gilman, Daniel Anthony Hidalgo, Lorenzo Possanza, Paul Pakler, Shane Salk, and Tiziana Guarini


Untitled Gaming Project
By Wendy Herlich
Read by Ariel Estrada, Jackson Perrin, Paul Pakler, John Roque, and Ysabel Jasa


Love Is Crazy
By Andy Halliday
Read by Andy Halliday, Jeff Riberly, and Steve Hauck


Born & Raised
By Kristine Reyes
Read by Claro de los Reyes and Jimmy Moon


Cell Memory Theory
By Mike Lesser
Read by David Adam Gill, Graceann Dorse, Marie Elena' O'Brien, and Patrice Bell


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