Volume 30

We are in our 30's and never looked better. Even in torrential rainstorms we still had a wet and packed house. Our playwrights and actors kept us warm with their amazing energy and work. Special Thanks to our Welcoming Committee Paul "Dante" Pakler. We were blessed to have two kick ass Stage direction readers of Courtney Williams and Priyank Rastogi. Photos by the multitalented Tim Lorge!




Gaming Project
By Wendy Herlich
Read by Futaba Shioda, Margot White, and Priyank Rastogi
Stage directions: Courtney


Constitution Day
By Jonathan Calindas
Read by Bryn Packard and Roy Flores
Stage directions: Priyank


The Ballad of Ian & Maggie
By Tim Lorge
Read by Graceann Dorse, Kristen French, Kyle Minshew, Michael Markham, Priyanka Krishnan, and Priyank Rastogi
Stage directions: Courtney


Cause and Affection
By Andrea Magder
Read by Betty Hudson, David Gill, Jasmine Spiess, and Todd Butera
Stage directions: Priyank


The Walk-Up
By Emily Comisar
Read by Diana Cherkas, Elise Hudson, Jayson Kerr, Jeanette Bonner, Marie Eléna O'Brien, and Sarah Beth Pfeifer
Stage directions: Courtney



Tomorrow We Love
By Jeffrey Vause
Read by Ashlyn Scot, Jeffrey Vause, Jimmy Moon, Joseph Ford, and William Serri
Stage directions: Priyank



Mike Lesser