Volume 31

What a great night. We had our largest talent pool used and they were all amazing. Kudos as always to all playwrights and actors. Special Thanks to our welcoming committee of Jessika Luck and Kit Goldstein GrantCj Crittfor offering up her brilliance as a prize for our 50/50 raffle. Voice of stage directions were read perfectly by Ashley Jackson and David Adam Gill. Photos by the amazing Tim Lorge.



A Visitor’s Pass on the Virgin Mary
By Jacqueline Pereda
Read by Ashley Jackson, Gilbert Cruz, Karina Richardson, Lillian Andrea De Leon, Rich Gomez, and Tamara Torres
SD: David

Duck Who Clucked
By David Meyers
Read by Cait Johnston, Daniel Anthony Hidalgo, David Meyers, Erin Soler, and Ren Jackson
SD: Ashley

The Last Intimate Thing
By Mike Lesser
Read by Alexandra Castro, Jackson Perrin, and Kyle Minshew
SD: David

Say It Out Loud
By Rachel Mann
Read by Anne Newhall, Dana Kaufman, John Robert Tillotson, Kristen French, Peter Roccaforte, Shane Salk, and Ysabel Jasa
SD: Ashley

Elsie Janis and the Boys
By CJ Critt & John Prestianni
Read by Anthony Aloise, Ashley Jackson, Bryn Packard, David Adam Gill, Jayson Kerr, Laurel Lockhart, Marie Eléna O'Brien, and Marina Barry
SD: Ashley/David

Those Muscle Bound Cowboys From Snakepit Gulch
By Andy Halliday
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Brendan Daugherty, Paul Pakler, Steve Hauck, and Tim McGarrigal
SD: David

Mike Lesser