Volume 32

Volume 32 was definitely Gold Medal Worthy. Kudos to all Playwrights and Actor and all special guests. Special Thanks to our Welcoming Committee Christopher Buchanan and Marina Barry. Voices of Stage Direction were the dynamic duo of David Michael Kirby and Diane Quinn. Photos by Mike Lesser.

By Paul Pakler
Read by Dave Droxler and Marie Eléna O'Brien
SD: David

Bus Shelter
By Laurel Lockhart
Read by Diana Martella and Donna Roesel
SD: Diane

Incomplete Party
By Danielle Winston
Read by Diana Sara Cherkas, Mike Lesser, and Shane Salk
SD: David

By Karina Richardson
Read by Graceann Dorce, Jake Himovitz, and Wendy Herlich
SD: Diane

Why Us?
By Brad Makarowski
Read by Bryn Packard, Cait Johnston, and Kyle Minshew
SD: David

By Melisa Annis
Read by Ashley Jackson, Claire Shiell, Dana Kaufman, Ninoska De leon Gill, and Todd Butera
SD: Dianne


Mike Lesser