Volume 39

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 39 Last of the year and it was awesome as always. Special Thanks to Welcoming committee superstars Dana Kaufman and Evan Edwards. And of course photos by Tim Lorge

Stage Directions:
Mandy Murphy/Tim Burke




Box Thorn
By Jim Cairl
Read by Diana Cherkas and Vishaal Reddy
SD: Tim

The Gatekeeper
By Blair Ingethron
Read by Bryn W Packard, Cait Johnston, and David Michael Kirby
SD:  Mandy

It’s Not Carmen
By Laurel Lockhart
Read by Charlie Wilson, Courtney Williams, David Adam Gill, and Jeaniene Green
SD: Tim


Abuelas or the Poverty Cycle
By David Davila
Read by Alexandra Castro, Julia Botero, Lillian Andrea De Leon, Lizette Cruz, and Nicole Orabona
SD: Mandy 

Vatican Falls
By Frank J. Avella
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Brendan Daugherty, Carlotta Brentan, Ian Whitt, and Peter Endrigian
SD: Tim


Rude Awakenings
By Marie Elena’ O’Brien
Read by *Ari Rossen, Brian Dykstra, Dave Droxler, Mandy Murphy, Marina Barry, Paul Pakler, and Priyanka Krishnan
*SD:  Ari 


Mike Lesser