Volume 41

The PlayGround Experiment:
The PG Evolution: Volume 41
Welcoming Committee:
Jeaniene Green/ Laurel Lockhart/ Priyanka Krishnan

Stage Directions:
Miles Butler/ Peyton Edwards

Photos by Tim Lorge


24 Hours
By Marina Barry
Read by Cait Johnston and Jonas Cohen
SD: Miles 

The Wrights
By Jonathan Calindas
Read by Brad Makarowski, Chris Smith, Maria Peyramaure, Miles Butler, Ysabel Jasa
SD: Miles

Incomplete Party
By Danielle Winston
Read by Charlie Wilson and Diana Cherkas
SD: Miles



My Three Rooms
By Rachel Mann
Read by Nancy Nagrant and Nina Covalesky
SD: Peyton

By David A. Gill
Read by Carla Briscoe, Kelsey Claire, Kim Reinle, Marie Eléna O'Brien, and Peyton Edwards
SD: Peyton

Please Fuck Me, I’m Lonely
By Andy Halliday
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Andrew Schoomaker, Daniel Anthony Hidalgo, David Michael Kirby, and Jeffrey Vause
SD: Peyton

Mike Lesser