Volume 44

Volume 44 was voluminous!!! 36 actors 6 playwrights. Friends. Prizes and no booze and we still had an amazing time! Kudos to everyone who attended, participated, thought about coming but had to make dat money, but will make it to another one. Special thanks to Welcoming Committee Rock stars: Christopher Buchanan, Natalie Neckyfarow. And special thank you to our Photographer extraordinaire Priyanka Krishnan!

Stage Directions:
Evan Edwards/Sharlene Hartman

Photos by Priyanka Krishnan



By Kit Goldstein-Grant
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Brendan Daugherty, Courtney Williams, and Joshua Fulton
SD: Sharlene

By David Davila
Read by Alexandra Castro, Gabriel Bernal, Lillian Andrea De Leon, Nicholas Robert Ortiz, Raul Meruelo, and Selina Fonesca
SD: Evan

Wounded Knee
By William Wade
Read by Chris Smith, Dana Kaufman, Evan Edwards, Rich Gomez, Tim Burke, and Ysabel Jasa
SD: Sharlene

ACT 2 

The Reluctant Recluse
By John Robert Tillotson
Read by Anne Newhall, David Michael Kirby, Gilbert Cruz, Grant Neale, Jodie Lynne McClintock, and Sharlene Hartman


Middle Management
By Diana Cherkas
Read by Ari Rossen, Evan Edwards, Jackson Perrin, Jasmine Spiess, Jeffrey Vause, Kirsten Hopkins, and Sharlene Hartman
SD: Sharlene/Evan

Pitchfork in the Road
By Dave Droxler and Paul Pakler
Read by Ariel Estrada, Betty Hudson, Dave Droxler, Jayson Kerr, Paul Pakler, Priyanka Krishnan, and Starr Kirkland
SD: Evan

Mike Lesser