Volume 50

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 50

WOW! We're 50!!!! What a great way to celebrate. Kudos to all playwrights, actors and attendees. Special thanks to Welcoming Committee of John Robert Tillotson and Mrinalini Kamath. Stage Directions read by Karen Elliott and Spencer Aste.

Thanks again to Photographer with the mostest Priyanka Krishnan.



Shut Up I’m on a Diet
By Catherine Weingarten
Read by Paul Peglar and Rachel Franco
SD:  Karen


By Manning Jordan
Read by Nilsa Reyna and Marie Eléna O'Brien
SD: Spencer


Daughters of the Dewy Decimal
By Jona Tarlin
Read by Ashley Marie Ortiz, Cait Johnston, Kerry Kastin, Kirsten Hopkins, and Mischa Goodman
SD:  Karen



Aztec Pirates and the Insignificance of Life on Mars
By David Davila
Read by Alexandra Castro, Daniel Hidalgo, Lillian De Leon, Raul Meruelo, and Selina Fonesca
SD: Spencer


McGurk’s Suicide Hall
By Evan Edwards
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Bryn Packard, Diana Cherkas, Jackson Perrin, Jasmine Spiess, Spencer Aste, Tim Torre, and Yvette King
SD: Karen


Pitchfork in the Road
By Dave Droxler/Paul Pakler
Read by Betty Hudson, Courtney Williams, Dave Droxler, Jayson Kerr, Paul Pakler, and Priyanka Krishnan
SD: Spencer

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