The PlayGround Experiment

A safe place for Playwrights, Actors and Others Creatives to Meet And Play!

Volume 52

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 52
Special Thanks to welcoming committee of Ilene Fischer and Laurel Lockhart.

Stage Directions by Diane Quinn and Shane Salk.

Photos by Priyanka Krishnan


By Leif Meneke
Diane Quinn
Jayson Kerr
Nick Locilento
Tony Romero
SD: Shane


Checked Out
By Alexandra Castro
Brendan Daugherty
David Michael Kirby
Nilsa Reyna
Raul Meruelo
Shane Salk
SD: Diane 


By Jacob Marx Rice
Amanda Shi
Evan Edwards
Kirsten Hopkins
McLean Peterson
SD: Shane



The Swinging Nuns
By Marina Barry
Betty Hudson
Catherine Overfelt
Christine Redhead
Dante Jayce
Priyanka Krishnan
SD:  Diane


Plus One
By Leif Oleson-Cormack
Amy Hayes
Ari Rossen
Diana Cherkas
Drew Jordan
Madeleine Maby
Paul Peglar
SD: Shane


The Wrights
By Jonathan Calindas
Brad Makarowski
Marie Eléna O'Brien
Paul Pakler
Susan Barnes Walker
Yvette King
SD: Diane