Volume 61

The PG Evolution Volume 61
Super Thanks to Welcoming Committee of David Adam Gill and Graceann Dorse. Stage Directions by Jeanne Fishman and Rob Gaetano. Photos by Danielle Winston


There By Amy G. Van Wijk
Miles Butler
Jeanne Fishman
SD:  Rob

Bathroom Buddies By A. Jacks
Ashley Jackson
Rob Gaetano
Starr Kirkland
SD:  Jeanne

Threaded in The Air By David Michael Kirby
Claire Shiell
Nolan Blair
SD: Rob



Cocktails and Cruellers By Jeffrey Vause
Jeffrey Vause
Joy Jacobs
Steve Hauck
Tim Torre
SD: Jeanne

Home By Laurel Lockhart
Debbie Irwin
Kirsten Hopkins
Paul Pakler
SD: Rob

Abuela and the Poverty Cycle By David Davila
Jacqui Rêgo
Lillian Andrea De Leon
Maria Peyramaure
SD:  Debbie