Volume 62

The PG Evolution Volume 62
Huge Thank You to Welcoming Committee of Emily Comisar & Mrinalini Kamath. Voices of Stage Directions Daniel Robert Burns & Julia Botero. Photos by Danielle Winston. Happy New Year!


The Chelsea Witches By Danielle Winston
Angela Hsu
Lindsay Rootare
Thea Brooks
SD:  Julia

Moondance By Christopher Buchanan
Jayson Kerr
Joy Jacobs
Kirsten Hopkins
Tomike Lee Ogugua
SD:  Daniel

Joshua By Ollie Fielding
John Robert Tillotson
Larissa Adamczyk
Marie Eléna O'Brien
Nick Locilento
SD: Julia


The Wacky Doctor’s Game By Mike Lesser
Charlie Wilson
Dave Droxler
Julia Botero
Paul Pakler
SD: Daniel

Home By Erin Moughon-Smith
David Adam Gill
Maya Rosewood
Monica Furman
Daniel Robert Burns
Tim Torre
SD: Julia

The Eclipse Come to The Manor on the Hill By Thomas Dieter
Ari Rossen
Arthur Gregory Pugh
Betty Hudson
Catherine Overfelt
Julia Botera
Khalid Rivera
Sharlene Hartman
SD:  Daniel


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