Volume 81

October 8, 2018

Welcoming Committee: Mandy Murphy & Sydney Burtner

Photos: Danielle Winston

Stage Directions: Christianne Greiert & Kyle Minshew



Stroke Vagina by Nilsa Reyna

With: Nilsa Reyna

mario_s play.jpg

Reqards from the UWS by Mario Soto

With: Jason Nadal, Topher Payne

show, don_t tell.jpg

Show Don’t Tell by Danielle Winston

With: Bryn Packard, Madeleine Maby



Virtuoso by Matt Hardy

With: Jake Namaroff, Kyle Minshew, Matthew Menendez, Perryn Pomatto, Priyanka Krishnan

aaron 2.jpg

Pardon the Fool by Aaron Johnson

With: Annie Keris, Paul Peglar, Sara Turner

Evan_s play 1.jpg

The Boudier Family by Evan Edwards

With: Bjorn Bolinde, Chase Naylor, Christopher Buchanan, Kirsten Hopkins, Kyle Minshew, Roy Flores, Marie Elena O’Brien

For more photos from this volume, go HERE.

Kirsten Hopkins