Volume 66

The PG Evolution: Volume 66

February 26, 2018
Welcoming Committee: Sarah Young/David Davila.
Stage Directions: Adam Parrish/Peyton Edwards. Photos: Danielle Winston.


Close Your Eyes and Sleep by Aaron Johnson
Charlie Wilson
Madeleine Maby
Matthew Menendez

February 26, 2018 by Dave Droxler/Paul Pakler
Annie Keris
Dave Droxler
Paul Pakler

Cause and Affection by Andrea Magder
Bryn Packard
Jasmine Spiess
Laurel Lockhart
Nick Locilento


The Eclipse Comes to Manor on the Hill by Thomas Dieter
Ari Rossen
Arthur Pugh
Donna Roesel
Khalid Rivera
Marie Elena O’Brien

The Pet Play by Noemi de la Puente
Jake Golliher
Jeffrey Vause
Jillian Pullara
Mandy Murphy
Priyanka Krishnan
Shane Salk

Florence the Firefly by Kirsten Hopkins
Andrew Griffin
Catherine Overfelt
Kelsey Pressnall
Kirsten Hopkins
Nolan Blair
Paul Peglar

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