Volume 68

The PG Evolution Volume 68
3rd Anniversary Celebration

March 26, 2018

Special Thanks to Welcoming Committee Superstars David Adam Gill and Jimmy Moon. Stage Directions read by Kelvyn Mitchell and Sara Parcesepe. Photos by Charlie Wilson and additional photos by Adam Parrish. 



Evedam- Sarah Young

Andrew Griffin, Mandy Murphy, Veronica Dang


White People’s Problems- Mike Lesser

Charlie Wilson, Cheeyang Ng, Jayson Kerr, Madeleine Maby


A Series of Bad Dates – Jillian Pullara

A. Jacks, Maya Rosewood, Michael Markham



The Dance of the Demon– Andy Halliday

Andrew Glaszek, Nick Locilento, Peter Macklin, Tim Burke


A-Live From a Tiki Bar on the Sun- Jona Tarlin

Dave Droxler, Jackson Perrin, Marie Eléna O'Brien, Mischa Goodman


Misfits –Jake Golliher

Catherine Overfelt, David Michael Kirby, Evan Edwards, Nicholas Ortiz, Paul Pakler, Peyton Edwards



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