Cast Breakdown Survey

Please include a specific breakdown for each character. The more specific you are the easier casting will be. We are an inclusive community of a diverse artists and therefore only specify ethnicity if it's important to the character.  Remember we do not read your scenes beforehand so the more info you give the better. If there are small roles with less then 10 line please let us know. We now have 2 stage directions readers. One male and one female so we have a person to fill in for small roles. 

Playwright *
Include Character Name, Ethnicity, and Character Attributes Please include characters that can be any gender in this section as well.
Include Character Name, Gender, Ethnicity, and Character Attributes
Include Character Name, Ethnicity, and Character Attributes
If you have Actor/Actress you would like to use please list name and character here. If not, write use casting pool.

If you are using the casting pool, we will send you a few names for each character listed. Please respond with the order in which you would like us to reach out to talent.