CBA #2 - Diversity And The Artistic Production

From Page to Stage

Thursday, August 18, 2016
6:00pm  8:30pm

How do we define diversity/equity/inclusion?  Why is the default for a character without any ethnic specifics always non-ethnic (white)?

When a character race/gender/able-bodied specific, is it appropriate to be played by someone other than written? When is it not? Is it OK for Emma Stone to play an Asian in “Aloha” etc.?  

Who should have final say in casting when diversity is involved? Playwright? Director? Producer? Your Mother?

How do we get Actors of Color to show up to calls that are not specifically to their “type”?

In order to change the current climate of Diverse casting, which is more impactful: Producing plays about diverse communities or casting roles more diversely?

What can we do to encourage theatres, casting directors, and producers to go outside their casting comfort zone?

Mike LesserComment