CBA #7 Nevertheless she Persisted” Women in Theatre


“Nevertheless she Persisted”  Women in Theatre

The Bechdel Test:   What is it?

How is it changing how we look at plays?

What are some examples that pass the test?

What are some that don’t pass, but still have a strong feminine storyline?

The use of Actress? Gender Identifier or Outdated Label?

Who are the current women writers that are positive guides?

Who are the women actors who broke the mold of feminine expectations?


What are the female stereotypes that should be outlawed?

How do we stay away from these archetypes of femininity?


What are warning signs in a Character Breakdown that the character is a stereotype? What are you looking for in roles you want to play that tend to be missing?

When does changing gender of a role work to serve the play?

Is genderblind casting a useful tool to create more work for women actors?

Is there a point where it takes away from the playwright’s intentions?

Why do many institutions/programs/grants feel women should only write plays about women’s stories/struggles?  Shouldn’t women creating new work be enough? How do all artists continue to create work that celebrates multi dimensional female characters and story lines?



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