CBA # 8 Marketing Your Art: Getting the word out without losing your friends

Marketing Your Art: Getting the word out without losing your friends.

What Art are you looking to Market?

(i.e. My Brand as an Actor, My Brand as a Playwright, My latest…)

 How are you currently branding yourself in various mediums?

What platforms are you using to promote yourself and your work?

(FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Grindr, Tumbler, Websites, Email lists, phone trees, smoke signals)

Old school Methods: Postcard, Flyers, headshots, resume, reviews.  Are you still using these? Best practices.

Public Figure vs. Private Person: Do you separate? When and what?

Is it necessary to have a separate "artist” Facebook page other than your personal profile?

What are the no no’s, and pet peeves?

Facebook events: are they even necessary?  What are you using for RSVPs and invites other than Facebook to get people to know that you're presenting a show/have an event?

When sending out information when is it appropriate to send personal DMs, Messenger, email, texts, phone call vs. group message?

When is an appropriate time to reach out to industry connections (i.e. casting directors, agents, theatre companies, producers etc.) about the work you have done so far and about upcoming events that you are involved in? What is an effective way to do it?

What platforms are you using to raise funds?

(Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, Indigogo, tin cup, street corner)

When asking friends, what approaches work best?

How do you choose whom you give money to?  What do you do if you cannot give financially, but still want to be a supportive friend?

How do you tell your friend who is marketing too much that it's overwhelming/annoying and not lose a friend? How do you know if you are that friend?

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