The PlayGround Experiment

A safe place for Playwrights, Actors and Others Creatives to meet, play and caffeinate!

 Drop and Give Me 10

Time to exercise your creative muscles. 

1. Playwrights will be assigned PlayGround Experiment Actors and writing prompts.

2.   Playwrights have one week to  write the first 10 minutes of their newest play with those actors in mind. 

3. Actors read this new work created for them as we celebrate the birth of this new work over food and wine. 


SUNDAY APRIL 2, 2017    3PM-7PM    



Playwrights/Actor Teams:

(Playwrights in Bold) 

Adam Parrish- Andrew Glaszek, Jasmine Spiess

Amy Gijsbers van Wijk-Alexandra Chen, Brendan Daugherty, Estelle Lee

David Gill-Christine Smith, Priyanka Krishnan, Raul Meruelo

David Michael Kirby-Catherine Overfelt, Charlie Wilson, Manning Jordan

Evan Edwards-Ajax Jackson, Marie Elena O'Brien

Jeffrey Vause-Dave Droxler, Elise Hudson, Roy Flores

Jillian Pullara-Alida Rose Delaney, Betty Hudson, Rich Gomez

Laurel Lockhart-Christine Redhead, Risa Benson

Mandy Murphy-Ari Rossen, Theressa Cao

Mrinalini Kamath-Courtney Williams, Maria Isabella Rojas, Mike Lesser

Rhonda Dodd-Elea Easton, Jayson Kerr

Tim Laschkolnig-Diana Cherkas, Graceann Dorse, Natalie Neckyfarow

Snacks/Beverages/Wine will be a plenty. $10 Contribution to party. Onlookers encouraged to attend.

What do I need to know?

Fill out COUNT ME IN! Survey:  No later than March 20th

Learn who your cast/playwrights are: By the end of the Evening March 24th

Announce all casts: At our 2nd Anniversary Celebration Volume 45 on March 27th (We encourage all participants to attend)

Playwrights: Get to writing with these 5 criteria


1.     First 10 minutes of a new play

2.     Scene takes place on April 2nd (Any year)

3.     Something must “Drop” in the scene (whatever that means to you)

4.     A Surprise

5.     Include a “Beatles” Lyric

Scenes will be sent to Actors:  By Midnight March 31st

Actors: Do what you do with the scenes sent to you.