The PG Evolution: a development process provides a home for playwrights to collaborate on early process work, with the goal of helping them understand their work better and earlier by bringing other supportive artists into the process sooner. Our emphasis on early stage work offers playwrights a unique way of getting insight and analysis on the play they are writing. As plays progress through our development process playwrights are asked to take their work out of their head and look at it from a more analytical, objective and honest prospective. 


How do I get involved? 


Use the Join Us form to sign up for our mailing list and hear about our upcoming events. The first step in the process is our twice monthly Volumes where six playwrights will have short work sessions with actors and a public reading of 15 minutes of new material. Playwrights to be featured at Volumes are selected once a quarter. Find out about how the development process evolves below. 

Step 2: Required Readings (QUARTERLY)

Four full plays are read by 20 actors over the course of two weeks, culminating in a gathering at a festive environment. Groups of four actors will round robin with each of the playwrights to discuss the plays. Then we party.

Step 3: First Reads (QUARTERLY)

An all day read-a-thon of four full plays selected from plays presented at the Volumes. Each play will be read around a table with playwright in the presence of an audience. The audience and actors will fill out a questionnaire to provide feedback to the playwright. 

Step 4: Stage Experiments (Twice A YEAR) 

Plays continue the development process by adding directors, rehearsal and a little time. Guests are requested to partake in a short moderated talkback based on questions provided prior to reading.