The PlayGround Experiment

A safe place for Playwrights, Actors and Others Creatives to meet, play and caffeinate!

Mission Statement

The PlayGround Experiment is a fun forum for theatre artists to explore, test, and showcase new work while finding inspiration and support from the community that it creates. Playwright/Actor relationships thrive here in a safe, inclusive environment, strengthened by diversitythat enables each to find structure, heart, and truth, which encourages growth beyond The PGE.


Mike Lesser- Curator/Founder

Jonathan Calindas- Web Guru

Diana Cherkas/Ysabel Jasa- Social Media Manager

Alexandra Castro- Casting Pool Diversity Outreach Coordiantor

David A. Gill- Reads Implementation Coordinator

Ashley "Ajax" Jackson- Conversation Between Artist Coordinator

Charlie Wilson- NPO Partnership with  The 7th Sign Theatre Productions Inc.

Playwright Braintrust

Adam Parrish, Christopher Buchanan, David A. Gill, Emily Comisar,  Evan Edwards, Jonathan Calindas, Mrinalini Kamath

Actor Braintrust

Alex Castro, Andrew Glaszek, Ashley"Ajax" Jackson,  David Michael Kirby, Diana Cherkas,  Heidi Armbruster, Marie Elena' O'Brien Ysabel Jasa

Special Thanks to  THINK COFFEE  who have given us a home. Check out one of their locations 

THINK COFFEE 248 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012.