Step 4 of The PG Evolution: Stage Experiments

Plays continue the development process by adding directors, rehearsal and a little time.   Guests are requested to partake in  a short moderated talk back based on questions provided prior to reading.

Stage Experiments #1

Saturday August 19, 2017

Photos by Priyanka Krishnan

 Guru by Jessica Luck Directed by Ria DiLullo

 If Meg spends 8 weeks with Kendra, and Kendra is 20 points from passing, how many Youtube videos will Lindsee have to post in order to lose 3 pounds? The formulas that you may need to answer some questions are found at the end of the examination. 

Featuring: Cait Johnston, Diana Cherkas, Jasmine Spiess, Starr Kirkland 


Cell Memory Theory by Mike Lesser Directed by Rose Ginsberg

Ann is a survivor. But will the transplanted cells that saved her ultimately destroy her second chance at life

Featuring: Carla Briscoe, Don Castro, Josette Marina Murray, Mandy Murphy, Sue Berch