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Conversations Between Artists #23

  • Think Coffee 248 Mercer Street (Front Upstairs) New York, NY, 10012 United States (map)

“Nevertheless She Persisted”

Women in Theatre


  • In choosing life as an artist, what are the standards that women encounter that differ from their male counterparts? 

  • What are the female stereotypes that should be outlawed?

  • How do we stay away from these stereotypes?

  • What are warning signs in a Character Breakdown that the character is a stereotype?  

  • What are the actual day-to-day challenges that diminish a women’s power, from audition rooms, rehearsals, performances, and even survival jobs? What are the tools you use to combat them? How can men in the industry be stronger allies?

  • The Bechdel Test:  What is it? Is it still relevant? What are some examples that pass the test?  What are some that don’t pass, but still have a strong feminine storyline? 

  • What are examples of female characters/roles that resonate with you?  What about the role makes them stand out as being fully developed?  

  • What are examples of female characters/roles that do not resonate with you?  What are the reasons why these characters/roles fell flat?  

  • What are you looking for in roles you want to play/write that tend to be missing?  What femme characters do you wish were more represented?

  • How do all artists continue to create work that celebrates multi-dimensional female characters and storylines?

This is our chance to talk with each other about topics that we as artists, creatives and humans need to have. The key is we talk to and with each other. There is no panel or special guest that is smarter on a topic. We are the collective smarter panel.

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