The PGE 1st Annual Faces of America Monologue Festival

Monologue Submission Requested

In November, in honor of election day, we will host the first ever Faces of America Monologue Festival. 
(Date/Location to be announced)

To submit your monologues there are just three simple rules:

1. Keep your monologue to shorter than two minutes. 
We can't stress this enough. If we think your monologue reads longer it will not be considered for the festival.

2. Include the word "experiment"  somewhere in your monologue.

3. Send your submission before October 18th.
Late entries will not be considered, no matter how much you beg.

A selection committee will read the monologues and pick those that best reflect the broad spectrum of what it is live in America. Your monologues should represent its incredible diversity. They can be historical or futuristic, cultural or political, comedic or tragic, spoken or signed!

If your monologue is selected for inclusion in the festival we will work with you to cast your monologue from the PGE CASTING POOL. We will then have a one night only performance of all those selected.

The monologues will also be collated into a book that will be sold at the event with proceeds going to an organization TBA.

We are incredibly excited to read your submissions!

Name *
The PGE Pronouns are We/Us/Our!
If selected this will help us in the casting process!
Please time it before hitting send. If we feel it is longer than two minutes it will not be considered.