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The PG Experience Conversations Between Artists #4

  • Think Coffee 248 Mercer Street New York, NY, 10012 United States (map)

The PG Experience: Conversations Between Artists #4

The Journey From Page to Stage: How the playwright and the actors contribute to the developmental process

Now that we know how to talk to each do we work together to make theatre magic?

Talking Points to be Conversed:

What does New Play Development Mean?
Playwrights: What are your goals when beginning a development process?
Actors: If you are lucky enough to be at the beginning stages of development, what would you like to get out of such an experience? 

Playwrights: What are the pitfalls you have found when working with companies developing your work  at the earilest stages of writing?

Actors: When working on new works what are the issues that come up that stifle your creative choices? 

Playwrights/Actors: During readings and workshops, actors aren't often expected to provide input. If they were more formally included in the process, what should their role be?

How much input do you feel directors, producers, artistic directors should have and what is and isn't productive in new play development?

What would your dream development scenario be? 


This is our chance to talk with each other about topics that we as artists, creatives and humans need to have. The key is we talk to and with each other. There is no panel or special guest that is smarter on a topic. We are the collective smarter panel.


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