Volume 1

It's was an amazing first night and the excitement was in the air. So excited we forgot to take photos. We promise we will be better at future volumes. The voice of stage directions for the evening was the talented Laurel Lockhart.

Switzerland -Emily Comisar
Read by Bob Jaffe,  Nina Covalesky

Untitled-Daniel Ho
Read by Sasha Diamond, Adam Lim, Autumn Kioti Moonface

Stolen Wishes- Mike Lesser
Read by Glenn Kubota, Sarah Matteucci, Kyle Minsew

Retreat- Leif Oleson-Cormack
Read by Carson Lee, Ross DeGraw, Hunter Rodgers, Andrew Schoomaker

Round She Goes-Karina Richardson
Read by Katherine Puma, Karina Richardson, Kristen Acimovic

Mike Lesser