The PG Experience

 Drop and Give Me 10

Time to exercise your creative muscles. 

  1. Playwrights will be assigned PlayGround Experiment Actors and writing prompts.

2. Playwrights have one week to write the first 10 minutes of their newest play with those actors in mind. 

3. Actors read this new work created for them as we celebrate the birth of this new work over food and wine. 

drop & Give me 10 VIII: School’s out

June 16, 2019


5 Prompts that must be Included:

1. Lyric from a Heavy Metal Song (i.e School’s Out for Summer)

2. Must be at least 2 Scenes

3. Set at/near/in an amusement park

4. Something must be taught in the scene

5. Something must bust out (all over)


(Playwrights in Bold)

Adam Parrish- Jay Lineberry. Kirsten Hopkins

Daniella Thome-Emily Cordes, Marina Barry

David Ceci- Danielle Clare, Jordan Auslander

Erin Moughon-Belinda Harolds, Marie Elena O’Brien, Shoya Dixon

Eric Mead-Jacqui Shiel, Jasmine Spiess

Mickey Johnson-Cheryl Bear, Kari Seward

Peyton Edwards-Monica Rey, Naomi Barbee

Steve Monosson-Catherine Overfelt, David Davila

Drop & Give Me 10 VII: All Things February

February 17, 2019



Playwright criteria

1. Quote from a Famous Black American.

2. Something "Repeats" (Groundhog Day) or whatever that means to you.

3. The Words "Super" AND "Bowl" must be used.

4. Something "Valentiney" (Red, Hearts, Cupids or whatever that means to you).

5. Must “feature" a past U.S. President.

THE ARTIST TEAMS:(Playwrights in Bold)

 Adam Parrish, Maria Rojas, Monica Rey

Blair Ingenthron, Courtney Megaro, Danielle Clare

Mike Lesser, George Copeland, Nick Locilento

Erin Moughon, Catlin Mileon, Marina Barry

Maura Kelley, Catherine Overfelt, Denise Ivanoff
Gabrielle Wagner, Kendra Augustin, Natalie Neckyfarow

Laurel Lockhart, Christine Smith, Helene Galek

Rhonda Dodd, Avigail Bryger, Marie Elena O’Brien

Veronika Gribanova, Emily Cordes, Melissa Roth

Yani Perez, Berenice Odriozola, Maya Rosewood

DROP AND GIVE ME 10 VI: Trick or Treat?

October 28, 2018



1. First 10 minutes of a new play  

2. Must have a “Trick” in the scene (literal/metaphorical/symbolic)   

3. Setting Outside United States

4. Set on October 31st(Any Year)

5. Unusual use of profanity 

Playwright/actor teams

(Playwrights in bold)

Alisha Smith-Jayson Kerr, Mario Soto

David Adam Gill-Heather Peterson, Marta Rymer

David Michael Kirby-Adam Parrish, Helene Galek, Natalie Neckyfarow

Jordan Silver-Kendall Lloyd, Marie Elena O’Brien

Maura Kelley-Catherine Overfelt, Sonia Lopes

Mickey Johnson-Lily Fryburg, Paeton Chavis

Prudence Wright Holmes-Denise Ivanoff, Marina Barry

Solomon LeBlanc-Graceann Dorse, Khalid Rivera, Topher Payne

Tashi Thomas-A. Jacks, Michael Markham

Tianshu Zhao-George Copeland, Mandy Murphy


Drop & Give Me 10 V: Who's Your Daddy?

Sunday, June 17, 2018




1. First 10 minutes of a new play.

2. Something must “Drop” (literal/metaphorical/symbolic)

3. Must have a familial relationship in the scene.

4. Must take place near water.

5. Something must be eaten during the scene.

Playwrights/Actor Teams:

(Playwrights in Bold) 

Adam Parrish- Mandy Murphy, Rhonda Dodd

Erin Moughon-Kelsey Pressnall, Sevrin Anne Mason

Laurel Lockhart-Denise Ivanoff, Natalie Neckyfarow

Leif Meneke- Andrea Steiner, Jim Cairl, Marie Elena O’Brien

Mario Soto- Catherine Overfelt, Evan Edwards, Sonia Lopes  

Maura Kelley-Christine Smith, David Michael Kirby, Helene Galek

Mike  Lesser- Matt Silver, Prudence Wright Holmes

Nicholas Cocks-Danielle Clare, Paul Peglar

Solomon LeBlanc- David A. Gill, Lily Fryburg

Stuart Green- Jake Golliher, Matthew Menendez, Taylor Mitchell



Drop and Give Me 10 IV: A New Beginning

February 18, 2018


Playwright Criteria:

1. First 10 minutes of a new play

2. Something must “Awaken” (literal/metaphorical/symbolic)

3. Something must be associated with the month of February

4. Play starts in a laundromat

5. A language other than english is used

Playwright/Actor Match-Ups

Adam Parrish-Christine Smith, Madeleine Maby, Marie Elena’ OBrien
David A. Gill- Denise Ivanoff, Helene Galek
David M. Kirby-David Sitler, Jasmine Spiess
Evan Edwards-Catherine Overfelt,Loralee Tyson
Jillian Pullara- Kelvyn Mitchell,Marta Rymer
Marina Barry- Charlie Wilson, Kirsten Hopkins
Matt Silver- Jenny Crakes, Leah Rabinowitz
Maura Kelly- Khalid Rivera, Nick Locilento
Prudence Holmes- Peyton Edwards, Sara Parcesepe
Stuart Green- Elizabeth Jasicki, Michael Flood

Drop & Give Me 10 3: The Spawning

Sunday November 19, 2017



1. First 10 minutes of a new play
2. Something must “Born” in the scene (literal/metaphorical/symbolic)
3. Scene takes place on a Holiday
4. Reference a Constitutional Amendment (not just the number reference, but meaning of amendment)
5. A character must sing in the scen

Playwrights/Actor Teams:

Playwrights in Bold 

Adam Parrish- David Myers, Nilsa Reyna, Ryan Ramirez

David A. Gill- Kelvyn Mitchell, Lillian Andrea de Leon, Marina Barry

Emily Comisar- David Naughton, Ian Whitt

Erin Moughon- Julia Botera, Ravin Patterson

Ilene Fischer- Jackie Maruschak, Maya Rosewood, Mike Lesser

Jenny Crakes-  Bryn Packard, Lindsay Rootare, Ysabel Jasa

Jonathan Alexandratos-  Elizabeth Jasicki, Jayson Kerr, Thomas Dieter

Matt Silver- Catherine Overfelt, Jonas Cohen, Sharlene Hartman

Olivia Reevell- Angela Hsu, Jenny Green, Karen Elliot

Thea Brooks-  Evan Edwards, Marie Elena' O'Brien

Drop & Give Me 10 Part Deux

SUNDAY July 23, 2017



1. First 10 minutes of a new play

2. Something must “Drop” in the scene (literal/metaphorical/symbolic)

3. Scene takes place outdoors

4. Reference an unseen character that affects scene

5. Recognizable movie quote

Playwrights/Actor Teams:

Playwrights in Bold

Adrienne Bardes Diana Cherkas Diane Quinn Sue Berch

Emily Comisar Christine Smith Kirsten Hopkins Nicholas Cocks

Erin Moughon Catherine Overfelt Marie Eléna O'BrienThomas Dieter

Evan Edwards Alexandra Castro Paul Peglar Ryan Wright

 Francesca Pazniokas Jayson Kerr Kendra Augustin

 Laurel Lockhart Alexis Guarneros Karen Elliott Maria Isabella Rojas

 Michael Narkunski Andrew Glaszek Dante JayceMadeleine Maby

 Mike Lesser Dave Droxler Jeanette Bonner

 Olivia Reevell A. Jacks Anthony Aloise Drew Jordan

 Ryan Ramirez David A. Gill Elea Easton Luz Stella Rico 

Drop & Give ME 10 




1. First 10 minutes of a new play

2. Scene takes place on April 2nd (Any year)

3. Something must “Drop” in the scene (whatever that means to you)

4. A Surprise

5. Include a “Beatles” Lyric

Playwrights/Actor Teams:

(Playwrights in Bold) 

Adam Parrish- Andrew Glaszek, Jasmine Spiess

Amy Gijsbers van Wijk-Alexandra Chen, Brendan Daugherty, Estelle Lee

David Gill-Christine Smith, Priyanka Krishnan, Raul Meruelo

David Michael Kirby-Catherine Overfelt, Charlie Wilson, Manning Jordan

Evan Edwards-Ajax Jackson, Marie Elena O'Brien

Jeffrey Vause-Dave Droxler, Elise Hudson, Roy Flores

Jillian Pullara-Alida Rose Delaney, Betty Hudson, Rich Gomez

Laurel Lockhart-Christine Redhead, Risa Benson

Mandy Murphy-Ari Rossen, Theressa Cao

Mrinalini Kamath-Courtney Williams, Maria Isabella Rojas, Mike Lesser

Rhonda Dodd-Elea Easton, Jayson Kerr

Tim Laschkolnig-Diana Cherkas, Graceann Dorse, Natalie Neckyfarow