Volume 56

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 56
Welcoming Committee Danielle Winston and Nilsa Reyna. Stage Directions by Jeffrey Vause and Larissa Adamczyk. Photos by Ysabel Jasa.


Cutter - Mandy Murphy
Courtney Williams
Tim Torre

Late Walking Through The Realm - John Robert Tillotson
Andrew Glaszek
Dave Droxler

Middle Management–Diana Cherkas
Jasmine Spiess
Jim Cairl
Julia Botero
Kirsten Hopkins


Joshua- Ollie Fielding
George Pappas
Madeleine Maby
Marie Eléna O'Brien
Nick Locilento

Daughters of the Dewey Decimal -Jona Tarlin
Amber Patrick
Cait Johnston
Jeanne Fishman
Kerry Kastin
Mischa Dani Goodman

The Eclipse Comes to Manor on the Hill - Thomas Dieter
Ari Rossen
Betty Hudson
Catherine Overfelt
Daniel Anthony Hidalgo
David Michael Kirby
Sharlene Hartman
Ysabel Jasa

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