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The PG Experience: Conversations Between Artists #10

  • Think Coffee 248 Mercer Street New York, NY, 10012 United States (map)

Perfecting Your Practice: How to Continue to Developing your Art

Questions to be Conversed:

What does the idea of “Practice” as an artist mean to you?

What skills/craft make a well balanced performer/writer?

Actors: What are the tools every actors should have in their toolbox?
Playwrights: What are the tools every playwright should have in their toolbox?

Actors: What does your current practice/preparation consist of?
Playwrights: Are there any practices, preparations you do prior to beginning a new play?

What is an ideal practice/work environment? How does one create a productive space?

What are the biggest distractions / obstacles you face? How do you circumvent them?

Are there red flags that you are being ineffective in your development process of your artistry? 

Creative Goals vs. Career Goals? Is there difference? 

How do you measure the success of your practicing?

FInding the time for your practice:
Actors/Playwrights: How do you keep consistent and scheduled?

Are there any special ways you treat yourself for accomplishing a consistent and positive skill/craft development?

Help a sister or brother out. 
Actors: Are there any training studios or teachers would you recommend?
Playwrights: Are there any training studios or teachers would you recommend?

Actors: Research? What are your go to places for information on craft development?
Playwrights: Research? Are there any go to places for information?

As a creative, how could a balanced personal practice of your art make you a better artists? Is there anything you learn

This is our chance to talk with each other about topics that we as artists, creatives and humans need to have. The key is we talk to and with each other. There is no panel or special guest that is smarter on a topic. We are the collective smarter panel.

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