Volume 3

Volume 3 was great. We had two scenes from musicals, some returning playwrights and a collaboration born here at The PGE. Bob Jaffe was our voice for stage directions and a few other characters with varying accents. 

The Wrong Box-Kit Goldstein Grant
Read by Kyle Minsew, Anthony Castellano, John Robert Tillotson, Sarah Matteucci

Untitled-Autumn Kioti Moonface/Daniel Ho
Read by Autumn Kioti Moonface, Akyiaa Wilson, Stephen Schnetzer, Bobby Foley, Joshua Key-Maginnis

Round She Goes- Karina Richardson
Read by Kristen Acimovic, Karina Richardson, Azie Mira Dungee

Rock/Paper/Scissors-Mike Lesser
Read by Amy Kersten, Brittany McDonald, Kyle Minsew, Nick Cochetto, Lorenzo Scott, Larry Owens

Bonnets-Matthew Hardy
Read by Patrice Bell, Kristen French, Jessica Luck, Dave Droxler, Andrew Willis-Woodard

Mike Lesser