Volume 36

Great night as we had the largest cast EVER! We also celebrated our 1 year anniversary at Think Coffee. We love you THINK COFFEE! Kudos to all of the Playwrights and Actors! Special Thanks to Welcoming Committee of Alexandra Castro and Ashley Jackson! Stage Directions by Starr Kirkland and David Adam Gill! Plus we are so glad to have our brilliant photographer back Tim Lorge.

The Gaming Project
By Wendy Herlich
Read by Brad Makarowski, Fenton Li, Jackson Perrin, John Roque, Roy Flores, and Taylor Rosen
SD: Starr


The Incomplete Party
By Danielle Winston
Read by Charlie Wilson and Diana Sara Cherkas
SD: Starr

The C Word
By Matthew Hardy
Read by Jeaniene Green, Priyanka Krishnan, and Sharlene Hartman

Members of the Choir
By Evan Edwards
Read by Anthony Aloise, Brendan Daugherty, Christopher Buchanan, David Adam Gill, David Michael Kirby, Hakim Rashad Canter-McMillan, Jayson Kerr, and Jose Sepulveda
SD: Starr


The Walk Up
By Emily Comisar
Read by Elise Hudson, Jasmine Spiess, Jeanette Bonner, Jim Cairl, Katherine Puma, Maria Peyramaure, and Paul Pakler
SD: Starr

Those Muscle Bound Cowboys from Snakepit Gulch
By Andy Halliday
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Andy Halliday, David Schmittou, Ian Whitt, Jeffrey Vause, Kevin Cristaldi, Mark Irish, Steve Hauck, and Tim Burke
SD: David Gill

Mike Lesser