Volume 24

What a great evening! Again we were brought on journey by some of New York's killer playwrights and read by Actors who are at the top of their game. Kudos to everyone who played and who came out to enjoy. Special thanks to our Welcoming Comittee of Evan Edwards and Laurel Lockhart! Tim Lorge our Photographer extraordinaire. For this volumes Fundraising 50/50 we also gave away a $10 Think Coffee Gift card and a pint of Homeade Matzoh Ball Soup made by Mike Lesser! Stage Directors read by James Moreira Jr.

Untitled by Autumn Kioti
Read by Autumn Kioti

Coordinates 20 20 By Emily Comisar
Read by Caitlin Johnston and Tomike Lee Ogugua

Why Us By Brad Makarowski
Read by Ari Rossen, John Robert Tillotson, Maria Peyramaure, Rich Gomez, and Sharlene Hartman

Pittsburghese By Paul Pakler
Read by Wendy Herlich

The Irregulars By David Adam Gill
Read by David Michael Kirby, Hakim Rashad Canter-McMillan, Jeffrey Vause, Joan Wool Rubinstein, Joseph Ford, and Kim Reinle

Mike Lesser