Volume 46

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 46 A some celebrating a holiday we at the PGE celebrated the work of our amazing actors and playwrights. Kudos to all who attended. Special thanks to Ashley Jackson for being the host with the most! Mandy Murphy, Jasmine Spiess for being a welcoming Welcoming Committee. David Michael Kirby for doing double duty and Welcoming and Photographer!

Stage Directions:
Chad Anthony Miller

Photos by David Michael Kirby



Bobby’s Home
By David Brian Colbert
Read by Akyiaa Wilson, Charlie Wilson, Rhonda Dodd, and Sheila Joon


Untitled Ghost Play
By Blair Ingethron
Read by Cait Johnston, Estelle Lee, Raul Meruelo, and Ysabel Jasa


The C-Word
By Matthew Hardy
Read by Alexandra Bonesho, Katherine Puma, and Kirsten Hopkins



Fair Trade
By Nilsa Reyna
Read by Bryn W Packard, Julia Botero, Lillian De Leon, Mandy Murphy, and Maria Rojas


Experimenting with Katz
By David A. Gill
Read by Anne Newhall, Jacob Lovendahl, Marie Eléna O'Brien, and Paul Pakler

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