Volume 47

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 47
Kudos to all writers, actors and all in earshot of Think Coffee. Exciting new work, Chicken soup and fun was had by all, well only the raffle winners got the chicken soup. Special Thanks to our Welcoming Committee David Adam Gill, Julia Botero, Nilsa Reyna. And to our amazing Stage Direction readers: Christopher Buchanan and Marie Eléna O'Brien.

Stage Directions:
Christopher Buchanan/Marie Eléna O'Brien


White People’s Problems
By Mike Lesser
Read by Diana Cherkas, Jayson Kerr, Jonathan Chang, and John Racioppo
SD:  Marie Eléna


By Adam Parrish
Read by Ari Rossen, Chad Anthony Miller, Jimmy Moon, Marie Eléna O'Brien, and Rhonda Dodd
SD: Christopher


By Jeffrey Vause
Read by Amber Avant, Christopher Buchanan, Elise Hudson, Paul Pakler, and Raul Mereulo
SD:  Marie Eléna


One in a Thousand Thousand
By David Michael Kirby
Read by Catherine Overfelt and Charlie Wilson
SD: Christopher 


By Jacob Marx Rice
Read by Mandy Murphy, Peyton Edwards, Theressa Coa, and Tim Burke
SD: Marie Eléna


By Kit Goldstein Grant
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Brad Makarowski, Courtney Williams, and Hakim Rashad
SD: Christopher

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