Volume 48

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 48

What a great night. Kudos to all Playwrights, Actors and on lookers. Special Thanks to Welcoming Committee of Adam Parrish and Diana Sara Cherkas. Stage Directions by Eugenia D'Ambroise and Matt Silver. Special Thanks to Photos by Ericka Mitton!

Stage Directions:
Eugenia D'Ambrosio/Matt Silver

Photos by Ericka Mitton



Minions on the Moon
By John Robert Tillotson
Read by Andrew Glaszek
SD:  Eugenia


Ad Nausuem
By Christopher Buchanan
Read by Dana Kaufman and David Adam Gill
SD: Matt


Swinging Nuns
By Marina Barry
Read by Betty Hudson, Catherine Overfelt, Kendra Augustin, Theresa Cao, and Tim Torre  
SD: Eugenia



From A to Double D
By Mandy Murphy
Read by Caitlin Mileon, Raul Meruelo, and Roberta Ahrens
SD: Matt


The Wrights
By Jonathan Calindas
Read by Graceann Dorse, Jayson Kerr, Jeffrey Vause, Julia Botero, and Miles Butler
SD:  Eugenia


Magic Violin
By Ollie Fielding
Read by Claire Shiell, David Michael Kirby, Eugenia D'Ambrosio, and Paul Pakler
SD: Matt

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