Volume 49

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 49

Stage Direction by Amy Hayes and Tim Laschkolnig. Special Thank to Welcoming Committee Natalie Neckyfarow and Marina Barry.

Photos by the awesome Priyanka Krishnan.



By Andy Halliday
Read by Andrew Glaszek and Jeffrey Vause
SD:  Amy


Of Life Will By
By Ashley “Ajax” Jackson
Read by Charlie Wilson and Starr Kirkland
SD: Tim


By Amy Gijsbers van Wijk
Read by Madeleine Maby, Miles Butler, Priyanka Krishnan, and Todd Butero
SD:  Amy



Evil In His Mind
By Frank J. Avella
Read by David Michael Kirby, Derek Martin, Jake Robertson, and Yvette King
SD: Tim


Stardust or The End Of Martin
By Leif Meneke
Read by Ariel Estrada, David Adam Gill, George Pappas, Josette Marina Murray, and Stacey Raymond
SD: Amy


Middle Management
By Diana Cherkas
Read by Adam Parrish, Alexandra Bonesho, Jasmine Spiess, Julia Botero, Kirsten Hopkins, Mike Lesser, and Theresa Cao
SD: Adam

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